2022 – Menanços Alvarinho Trajadura

$18.95 Price per bottle. Shipping included

Price per Bottle - Available in cases of 12 Bottles

Producer: Solar de Serrade

Region: Vinho Verde, Monção and Melgaço

Country: Portugal

Vintage: 2022

Grapes: Alvarinho & Trajadura

Tasting notes: In this blend, Alvarinho, with its touch of tropical fruit and full of structure, contrasts with Loureiro and its floral notes and elegance, resulting in a lively and distinguished white wine. The moderately low alcohol content gives this wine, already so vibrant, a unique and peculiar balance.

Alc./vol. – 12%

Res. Sugar – 3.5 g / L

Bottle size: 750ml

Bottles per case: 12



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